Are the grants only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Older Persons groups? And do they have to apply for both groups?

    Activities which will be funded by these grants will need to target EITHER  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people OR  older persons. In some cases, both of these groups will be the target for your activity. You may choose one or both groups to target.

    For the purpose of these grants who is considered an Older Person?

    An older person for these grant activities is considered 65+ years.

    Can you choose to submit an online submission and a video or register for a yarning session as well?

    One submission option only must be chosen for each submission.

    Will multiple projects be funded in one locality?

    Multiple projects may be funded in one locality – it will be dependent on the submissions received.

    Will $100,000 grants be focused on projects across multiple communities?

    Grants will be awarded based on impact and value for money. It is not possible at this point to speculate on the amount and value of grants that will be awarded.

    Are these grants only available for organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status?

    No all organisations are eligible to apply. 

    What is the total funding amount available and how many grants will be awarded?

    There is a total funding pool of $300k. The grants awarded will be between $20,000 to a maximum of $100,000. It is unclear how many grants will be awarded at this stage and will be dependent of the number of suitable activities that are submitted. 

    Is there any synergy with the Dynamic Simulation project and the Lifespan legacy?

    Yes, we would expect to see contemporary practice in suicide prevention highlighted in grant responses.

    If we are evaluating projects will ethics approval be required?

    We will work with individual organisations to provide guidance around ethics, including Aboriginal ethics, on a case-by-case basis. Unless there is a specific need identified for Research Ethics approval no formal approval will be needed. All evaluations will need to be conducted using appropriate ethical guidelines.