What type of health grants are available?

    There are two main types of health grant opportunities that can be applied for which are described below:

    Targeted health grant rounds
    These opportunities will be released at varying times throughout the year and will focus on a direct identified need, region or group of people.

    You are encouraged to register on peoplebank to be notified when targeted health grants become available.

    Unsolicited health grants
    We will accept unsolicited or direct proposals from organisations and groups throughout the year. There will be two main assessment periods October and May, however other assessments may occur throughout the year.

    What are the health funding priorities for the region?

    Our health grants will support the following health priorities.  These priorities have been identified through regional Health Needs Assessments undertaken by the Primary Health Network:

    - Health Literacy

    - Care for an Aged and Ageing population

    - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health and access to services

    - Maternal, child, youth and family health

    - Disability

    - Rural health and access to services

    - After hours health service areas

    - Transport and cost of health services

    - Health risk behaviours

    - Mental health

    - Alcohol and other drugs

    - Chronic disease

    - Cancer screening

    - Dementia

    - Health workforce

    - Service integration and coordination

    How much grant funding is available?

    Funding the Health Grants program is determined on a yearly basis and is dependent on available funding. 

    In 2018-19 approx $1.5million was distributed through Health Grants and grants ranged from $5,000 through to $415,000.

    How can my organisation apply for a grant?

    Targeted health grant rounds will be advertised through our website, peoplebank, Tenderlink, local media and networks.

    Unsolicited health grants proposals can be submitted anytime by clicking HERE.