Option Three: Participate in a Yarning Session

Your yarning application will involve a conversation either in person, over the phone or via skype. 

If you are interested in a yarn, you will need to provide us with details below so we can arrange a time to meet. You are still required to contact us within the open grant period and yarning sessions will be booked shortly after.

The following questions will be asked during your yarning session:

Question One - Describe your capacity building project or activity.  Please include who will benefit from the grant, where the service will be delivered, activities and resources, proposed numbers, duration and any partnerships required for delivery.

Question Two - Describe your experience in delivering programs or activities related to suicide prevention or mental health issues including locations, services or projects that have been delivered.

Question Three - Describe your understanding of the issues and challenges related to suicide for the target communities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or Older people

Question Four - Identify any evidence base used to support the delivery of your project or activity. If your proposal is an innovative approach please describe why you believe this approach will be impactful.

Question Five - Describe how you will measure the impact or success of the project.

Question Six - Please tell us about the timeline of your project. This should include when you could start, how long it will take to complete, when you could recruit people to deliver the project if needed etc.

Question Seven - Please tell us about your organisation’s approach to cultural safety, respect and awareness. Also, if your project is focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people please tell us about any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who have been involved in the development of your project or activity

Question Eight - What is the exact amount of funding you are applying for (GST inclusive)?