Strategic Planning | We Will Statements feedback

Thank you for your contribution to the development of the organisation’s “We Will” Statements. 

We appreciate that this process has been a change to the way we have all had to think, and I sincerely hope I haven’t bored you to tears with my various analogies in an attempt to try and help support this new way of thinking and progressing the organisation together. You’ve been keeping me busy!

This process isn’t over, there is still some work to do.

That work though is about refinement, cascading down to our own objectives and contributions and should result in some pretty exciting outcomes.

So, where to from here?  

Your feedback to the following survey will help us to really refine the “We Will” statements. Selfishly it will also help me to achieve a number of things I hope will make life easier for us in the long run.

After the “We Will” statements have been agreed to, finalised and signed off they will be used to drive the final steps of an operational plan.

The operational plan will cover 12 Month periods, in line with Activity Work Plan commitments for the Department of Health. Additionally though it is being designed to capture our building commitments - include the Horizons -  and map the development of activities over the five year strategic period, to keep us on track to achieving the big picture. 

After the template for the operational plan is completed work to develop a dashboard report will be undertaken as well, so we can close the loop, showcase our work, see our progress and most importantly tell “Our Story”.

I hope this extra next steps context is useful, if at any point you have questions, concerns, ideas and want to discuss please make contact.


CLOSED: This survey has concluded.