Primary Care Leader Award

Awarded to the healthcare organisation, service provider or individual that has best demonstrated innovation and leadership in primary care and/or the values of respect, innovation, accountability, integrity, cooperation, and recognition. 

Provide a brief overview of your submission summarising points in your main answer.

Submission response (500 words max)

Please describe for us how the individual or organisation demonstrates the following: 

  • Contribution (individually or organisationally) to developing flagship services for communities; or, 
  • Contribution (individually or organisationally) to developing prevention and self-management strategies; or, 
  • Contribution (individually or organisationally) to developing and implementing new models of care; or, 
  • Contribution (individually or organisationally) to embedding continuous quality improvement processes and strategy within the business; or, 
  • Evidence of leadership in: 

Respect: listens to and adds value to the perspectives of others and uses them to inform and strengthen everything undertaken. 

Innovation: invests in new and better ways to improve the health system so people stay well and out of hospital. 

Accountability: keeps promises and takes ownership to get things done. Interacts constructively. 

Integrity: employs the highest ethical standards demonstrating honestly, transparency, open communication and fairness. 

Cooperation: works with others towards common goals encouraging collaboration, support and compassion. 

Recognition: acknowledges and shares individual and team successes.

Please refer to the Award Submission Guidelines for additional submission information.

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