Supporting Patients Through Technology Award

Awarded to the healthcare organisation and/or service provider that demonstrates leadership in the use of technology to support their patients. A patient is defined any individual who access primary care and could be considered a client or consumer as well.

Provide a brief overview of your submission summarising points in your main answer.

Submission response (500 words max)

Please tell us in more detail how you or your organisation has utilised technology to support your patients which could include the following: 

  • What was the problem or issue you were trying to solve? 
  • How did  you use technology to assist? 
  • How was this different to previous approaches or processes? 
  • What impact did the technology have on the patients and what were the outcomes? 
  • How have you embedded the technology in your practices? 
  • Usage, viewing and uploads to uploads to My Health Record are evident and continually increasing; or, 
  • Use of specific digital health systems to support day to day work in the organisation; or, 
  • Demonstrate improved clinical outcomes in primary care services through primary care improvement and digital health strategies; or, 
  • Increase in quality outcomes through interaction with the PHN etc. 

Please refer to the Award Submission Guidelines for additional submission information.

This will be used for promotional purposes for selected finalists.