Closing the Gap Award

Awarded to the healthcare organisation and/or service provider that demonstrates being responsive to the diversity of, and differences in, our communities to address health inequalities for First Nations people and communities.(including but not limited to increased incidence of identification and 715 health checks). 

Provide a brief overview of your submission summarising points in your main answer.

Submission response (500 words max)

Please tell us in more detail how you or your organisation how your work has assisted in addressing the Closing the Gap targets or how your work has assisted First Nations people and communities achieve better health outcomes which could include the following: 

  • What initiatives, approaches or projects have you used to promote better health outcomes for First Nations people? 
  • What have been the results of these initiatives, approaches or projects? 
  • How have you included First Nations communities in the design of this work? 
  • What contributions have you or your organisation made to your local First Nations community. 
  • What Cultural competency including awareness, responsiveness do you embed in your organisation if you are a non-First Nations organisation 
  • How do you provide support and/or encouragement for identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce; or, 
  • Relevant organisations have evidence of increased 715 assessments or higher rates of identified patients over a period of time etc.

Please refer to the Award Submission Guidelines for additional submission information.

This will be used for promotional purposes for selected finalists.